Heavenly Soap is a Level 3 Contributor with a B-BBEE Procurement Recognition of 110%.

We have been in operation since 2008. Over 10 years of experience in the supply and distribution industry.

Heavenly Soap is a family owned business that strives for customer satisfaction. The Core Values of our company are built on hard work, dedication, customer service and loyalty beyond reason.

Our company is a supply and distribution company that specialises in supplying cleaning materials, disposable paper and janitorial products to independent stores and businesses. We aim to expand our market by increasing our product range and catering not only for Gauteng but nationwide. We have our own branded cleaning, laundry and disposable paper products that you can choose from. We aim to provide for all your cleaning and Covid requirements with one phone call, “Your one stop delivery shop”.

Our staffs are knowledgeable and friendly and our priority is to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Heavenly Soap

Heavenly Soap prides itself on its approachable style and delivering a personalised service sometimes lacking in the larger chemical distribution companies. The company has built its strength and reputation on providing products of consistently high quality and giving personal attention to both supplier and customers' requirements.

The main aim of our company is to recognise that our continuing success depends on the quality of our products and upon the immediate and accurate response to all orders – small as well as large.

Handwash and Personal care

Kleenhands Cherry

Luxury colour, pearl synthetic handsaop, fragranced

Shower Gel

Luxury, Foaming Liquid shower soap

Bubble Bath

Blue, Foamy for the whole family

Budget Savers

Handy HSC

Ammoniated cleaning and scouring compound

Premium Dish Washing Liq

Concentrated,Dish Washing Liq. high activity detergent,

Dish Washing Liquid

Concentrated,high activity detergent, Green

Chemsolve PPP C

Concentrated, food safe H2O based degreaser (1853)

Oven Cleaner

Concentrated heavy duty Alkaline cleaner


Liquid bleach Concentrated

Thick Bleach

Liquid Thick Bleach Concentrated, Toilets etc

Toilet Bowl Soap

Toilet & Urinal cleaner, concentrated, Acid Based

Fabric Softner

Blue/White concentrated scented fabric softner

Floor & Tile Cleaner

Liquid All Purpose Cleaner

Disinfectant (Pine / Citrus)

Fresh Pine fragranced multi purpose cleaner, (AB)

Drain Cleaner

Liquid heavy duty acid, inhibited

Black Dip

Black phenoliccreside cleaner, emulsification


Concentrated water based glass and window cleaner

FloorBrite 22%

Solid floor liquid polish, sealer

FloorBrite 24%

Solid floor liquid polish, sealer

Waxstrip na

Water based non ammoniated polymer stripper/cleaner

Floor Wax (20LT)

Solvent Based Soild Floor Wax, White / Lavender

Carpet Shampoo

Hi-foaming carpet shampoo

Pine Gel (20LT)

Concentrated all purpose neutral gel cleaner, pine oil

Laundry Buddy

All purpose - washing powder


For Urinals (Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green)

Car Cleaning Products

Car Shampoo

Detergent dased auto shampoo

Wash and Wax

Detergent car shampoo with added wax

Dash & Leather Cream

Water based interior silicone treatment

Mag Cleaner

Water based all purpose spot remover, mags,carpets,

Tyre Silicone

Solvent based silicone tyre polish

Tyre Gloss

Solvent based silicone tyre polish

Tyre Paint

Black Tyre Paint


Concentrated. Various scents eg.New car Scent, etc

Automotive Degreaser and Acids

Hand Cleaner Grit

Mechanical Hand Cleaner with Silica Grit


All purpose alkaline degreaser

Heavy Duty Dreaser

Water based heavy duty degreaser (Kyrpton)

Brick and Stone Cleaner

Acidic based Brick and Stone Cleaner

Weed Killer

Grass and Weed Killer Concentrated

Sundry Items

Industrial Toilet Paper

Recycled; 500 sheets,

Single Ply Toilet Paper

Virgin; 500 sheets

Double Ply Toilet Paper

Virgin; 350 sheets

Garage Rolls

170 x 1000 meters

Garage Rolls

Virgin; 170 x 1500 meters

Reflex Rolls

Virgin; 150 meters

Barrel Rolls

Virgin; 360 meters

Folded Paper Hand Towels

Virgin; 230mm x 210mm

Deca Rolls

Virgin; 550 meters

Kitchen Towels

Virgin; Single Ply (TwinSavers)

Facial Tissue

White; 2Ply


Single Ply Econo


Virgin; Single Ply (300mm x 300mm)

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